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3D Nanofabrication

We develop advanced micro/nano-fabrication technologies that allow complete three-dimensional freedom to design and fabricate micro and nano-devices. Out technology will revolutionize industries involved in advanced silicon (and other semiconductor) microdevices such as MEMS sensors and actuators, silicon photonics, photonic crystals,  metamaterials, microfluidics, and 3D chip integration. Furthermore, our technology will enable completely new devices and industries made possible by directly engineered full 3D nanostructures.

Industries and Applications

MEMS Sensors and Actuators

MicroElectroMechanical System (MEMS) sensors and actuators are found in smart phones, automobiles, game consoles, theater projectors, desktop printers, medical devices, and many other products. By expanding MEMS design to full 3D devices, our technology will enable improved performance and smaller form factors. (Image is a MEMS resonant accelerometer from Politecnico di Milano.)

Silicon Photonics

Silicon Photonics are optical integrated circuits used in telecom, data centers, high performance computing, and other applications. Our technology will allow waveguides to be routed anywhere in the volume of a chip rather than just on the chip surface, enabling significantly higher integration and new silicon photonic devices. (Image of a silicon photonic thermal sensor from Sandia National Laboratories.)


Microfluidic devices are used in DNA analysis, clinical pathology, enzymatic analysis, proteomics, and other applications. Our technology will allow variable cross-section and size channels (not just rectangular) routed three-dimensionally through the volume of the chip with the possibility for  engineered semi-permeable membranes between channels. (Image of a microfluidic chip with multiple inputs and outputs.)

3D Integration

3D integration combines dissimilar integrated circuits (e.g., a logic chip with a memory chip) into a single chip. The ability to integrate different kinds of chips into a monolithic device has enabled continued performance improvements in computing devices. Our technology will allow new advances and capabilities in 3D integration. (Image of 3D integrated IC http://electroiq.com/insights-from-leading-edge/2011/10/)

Photonic Crystals

Photonic Crystal structures interact with light to filter and shape the spectrum of light passing through the structure, provide waveguiding capabilities, and optical resonant cavities. Our technology will enable complex three-dimensional photonic crystal structures for a variety of advanced optical applications. (Image is a simple "log pile" 3D photonic crystal structure from Sandia National Laboratories.)

Precision Manufacturing

Our technology will take precision manufacturing to a completely different level with precision features accurate to tens of nanometers and completely arbitrary 3D features. Examples include molds for advanced lenses, very small scale surgical tools and other medical devices, microscale components for luxury analog watches, and many other structures. (Image of AkriviA Tourbillon Monopusher Chronograph.)

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